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Interactive presentations include in-depth knowledge, lived experience and opportunities to work through situations, as well as a Q & A period.

Your Nervous System, Toxic Positivity & Avoiding Burnout


In our fast-paced, post-covid world, burnout continues to plague even the best-intentioned person. Expectations for self-care have put undue pressure on individuals to prove their commitment to well-being at the expense of true, gentle self-awareness and acceptance. Participants will come away with a solid understanding of their own nervous system and how to approach self-care from the inside out!


Workshop Highlights:

  • Understanding and regulating your nervous system

  • Exploring how we lose touch with our real selves?

  • Examining toxic positivity and how it contributes to burnout?

  • Moving from surviving (burnout) to thriving in your daily life


This interactive workshop is ideal for professionals, team leaders, and employees interested in fostering a healthier, more productive work environment. It can be customized to specifically address and accommodate the unique needs, challenges, and goals of your team, ensuring maximum impact.


  • Gain practical tools to manage stress and enhance personal well-being

  • Foster stronger team cohesion and collaboration

  • Boost productivity, motivation and reduce absenteeism


Duration: 60/90 minutes (includes time for Q&A)

Feedback from past participants


“Phenomenal and real-world. Nicola gave down-to-earth, real-world applications to self-help and the nuances of that process. She broke things down simply and made mental wellbeing feel bite-sized and accomplishable.”


“I found this super useful! I never thought about FAKE as being one of the options when people experience crisis modes. I really liked how Nicola used her own personal examples as well.”


“Loved it. It was well presented by the presenter from such a grounded perspective and touched on very important aspects. It made me realize again how important it is to try and be your most authentic self and take a step back at times. I loved the examples shared.”

Pause, Listen & Connect: Navigating the Transition from Childhood to Adolescence


As children move towards their teen years, their need for autonomy and privacy often disrupts family routines, leaving many parents feeling stuck in knowing how to communicate and connect. Additionally, as their children's social world opens up, parents are often challenged and worried about seemingly risky behaviours. Many parents with children aged 11 through 18 (grade 6-12) wish they had started certain routines, had different conversations, or had learned a particular something prior to their child becoming a teenager. This workshop focuses on helping parents with elementary-aged children create family and lifestyle conditions now, that will assist them in navigating the transition from childhood into adolescence.


With the goal of deepening relationships to assist in the continued development of contented, thriving, motivated kids, parents will leave feeling confident about their children’s future because of what they are able to do in the present. Using current research, knowledge and anecdotal experience, Nicola will offer optimistic and practical strategies that can be taken home and adapted into any family structure.


Managing Productive Struggle: Building confidence and resilience in the face of challenge! 


This is a lively and informative presentation exploring how you can support your child when they are experiencing the frustration, stress and, anxiety that comes from tackling challenges. Whether it be social, emotional or academic concerns, parents will learn how to align and guide their children, thereby increasing their sense of agency and building confidence.  This presentation will explore the concept of power, brain development in children and what it means for parents as children pass through the various stages of growing up.


Avoiding the traps of becoming a helicopter or snowplow parent, parents can feel more in tune with their values and parenting style when they know they are engaging practical strategies that promote positive growth. There will be ample opportunities for questions throughout the presentation.

Navigating the Digital World

Keeping up with what's going on in the digital world is a challenge for most families. Navigating the various forms of technology can cause frustration, arguments and disconnection within relationships. There are many benefits that come with using technology, but how do we gain enough knowledge to make thoughtful decisions that support our children and youth's physical, mental and emotional health while maintaining close, connected relationships? Along with the many benefits of technological progress, there can also be an unmistakable cost. There is no one perfect plan for every family.

Learn how apps, games and messaging tools can be effectively managed. Learn about VPNs, hotspots, Discord, Tik Tok, Instagram and more. Discussion will focus on the common ways that students misuse their technology and guide parents in determining what is best for their family in terms of filters, controls and communication at home.


Friendship, Conflict & Building Resilience


Conflict is a natural part of growth. This presentation outlines the development stages of children's emotional and social behaviours and supports parents helping their children learn to make friends, uphold their own values and negotiate conflicts and peer relationships with confidence. 


This session allow parents to workshop their own situations and come up with strategies to support their own children to make confident and healthy decisions in their developing relationships.

Self-Regulation: Building the Mind-Body Connection With Children

Over the past two years, children have had to adapt to a myriad of uncertain and anxiety-provoking situations and have had reduced exposure to typical social interactions. Additionally, screen time usage has increased and parents are fatigued in balancing the demands of work and home. This session is designed to help parents recognize how their child(ren)'s behaviour is related to their experiences, and how that behaviour is a direct form of communication, even when it includes tantrums, withdrawal, physical interactions and verbal outbursts. 

You will leave this presentation with a deeper understanding of age appropriate behaviour and practical strategies to assist your child(ren) with stronger self-regulation and communication. Increased healthy self-regulation helps children achieve academic success, develop strong friendships/relationships and create  a positive pathway for the future.

Karen, PAC organizer

VSB Elementary School

"Nicola is very wise, witty and engaging and has been one of our school's favourite presenters over the last couple of years. Delivered to parents and educators, both in person and virtually, her presentations are always interactive and actionable. Nicola is very encouraging, providing optimistic and practical strategies for dealing with conflict, relationships, technology and the transition from childhood to adolescence, consistently incorporating the emotional and social needs of our children."

Heather, Parent

VSB school

Nicola's presentations are filled wth so much good information about child development, combined with practical strategies  I could implement with my kids right away.

Michael, Parent

Independent School

Nicola's presentations are real in the sense that they're grounded in daily life. She doesn't speak in hypotheticals or take idealistic positions. A parent herself, Nicola brings humanity and understanding to her presentations. She gave us strategies that impacted our family in a truly positive way.

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